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The “thematic rooms” of the Swedish Institute for Health Sciences (Vårdalinstitutet) -

A resource for evidence-based care and social service


The “thematic rooms” contain evidence-based information concerning important areas of care and social service. This information is designed for educational purposes and is directed towards care professionals, students, patients and next of kin.

There are at present eight thematic rooms, designated Living with dementia, Stroke, Food and nutrition, Living with pain, Palliative care, Culture in health care, Cardiac disorders and Old persons’ health – how can it be promoted? Ethical issues are dealt with in all the rooms.


There are altogether more than 200 articles available in the thematic rooms, all of them written by well-known researchers within the respective fields and in a popular style.


Education in the form of “learning circles” and circle leadership training can be based on one or more of the thematic rooms. The courses can be done on commission and can be ordered from the Swedish Institute for Health Sciences. Furthermore, thematic-room material can also be used for self-arranged workplace training, also for seminars or individual study.

The Swedish Institute for Health Sciences has produced training manuals for the courses in respect of each of the thematic rooms. These can be downloaded from the website.


The contents of the rooms have been assembled by PhDs working in the relevant fields, in collaboration with the institute’s researchers and a librarian. There is a person responsible for overall co-ordination and development.


For more information, please get in touch with:


Rigmor Fransson, tel. 046–222 1942, e-mail [email protected]





Christine Wann Hansson, tel. 046–222 1980, e-mail [email protected]


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Food and nutrition

Old persons healthCardiac disorders
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