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Overall goal



The goal is that the Swedish Institute for Health Sciences shall be in the vanguard in Europe with regard to the innovative interdisciplinary creation of knowledge on the basis of the investigation of issues closely connected with practice and of importance to society. The implementation of the research results shall contribute to the vigorous development of evidence-based and humanistic health care and welfare.


The Institute offers meeting-places in Gothenburg and Lund, with core facilities for the Institute’s staff and collaborators and for temporary research teams recruited within Sweden or, if necessary, elsewhere. A well-established ICT environment enables the exchange of knowledge with regard to research and to education on the doctoral and the post-doctoral level, and also enables the dissemination of research results to care professionals and the general public.


Health care and social service rest on a human-, natural- and social-scientific, medical and technological basis, and it is for this reason that the efforts of the Institute are of an interdisciplinary nature.


The institute is financed by Lund University, Gothenburg University, the Vårdal Foundation and two regions; the Skåne region and the Västra Götaland. Further co-operations are with Kommunförbundet Skåne (the association of local authorities in the Skåne region) and Västkom (the corresponding association in the Västra Götaland region). On the basis of these co-operations, the Institute constitutes a national environment for research and development within the sphere of health care and social service.

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Thus the Swedish Institute for Health Sciences has a commission with regard to research, education at the doctoral and the post-doctoral level and the dissemination of evidence-based knowledge, and this commission is founded on current social change from an individual and family perspective (micro level) and on complex care processes from an organisational, economic and health-political perspective (meso and macro levels).